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Dr. Mustafa Khattab Blessed is the One in Whose Hands rests all authority. And He is Most Capable of everything.

Dr. Mustafa Khattab ˹He is the One˺ Who created death and life in order to test which of you is best in deeds. And He is the Almighty, All-Forgiving.

Dr. Mustafa Khattab ˹He is the One˺ Who created seven heavens, one above the other. You will never see any imperfection in the creation of the Most Compassionate.1 So look again: do you see any flaws?

Dr. Mustafa Khattab Then look again and again—your sight will return frustrated and weary.

Dr. Mustafa Khattab And indeed, We adorned the lowest heaven with ˹stars like˺ lamps, and made them ˹as missiles˺ for stoning ˹eavesdropping˺ devils, for whom We have also prepared the torment of the Blaze.1 

Dr. Mustafa Khattab Those who disbelieve in their Lord will suffer the punishment of Hell. What an evil destination!

Dr. Mustafa Khattab When they are tossed into it, they will hear its roaring as it boils over,

Dr. Mustafa Khattab almost bursting in fury. Every time a group is cast into it, its keepers will ask them, “Did a warner not come to you?”

Dr. Mustafa Khattab They will reply, “Yes, a warner did come to us, but we denied and said, ‘Allah has revealed nothing. You are extremely astray.’”

Dr. Mustafa Khattab And they will lament, “If only we had listened and reasoned, we would not be among the residents of the Blaze!”

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